WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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All Eliquid Orders Receive Free US Shipping
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Box Mods

Looking for Box Mods? When you're after a great mod look no further - we stock all the best mods from Kangertech, Eleaf, and Smok, Aspire, Wismec and others just to name a few. Buying mods aren't just about wattage, sub-ohm or temperature control. It's about the experience. Whether you're getting your very first mod to go sub-ohm or looking for a more advanced mech mod, you've come to the right place.

All Box Mods ship from California.

Box Mods (continued)

Personalize Your Vaping Experience With the Best Mods

Mods are about much more than the technical specifications. Getting that perfect hit every time is about perfection to us - and it should be for you too.

The switch to vaping often starts out with a simple starter kit, and even though there's nothing wrong with that, taking the next step in your vaping experience will let you make those impressive clouds, push the boundaries of flavor-intensity and having a long-lasting battery that keeps you going throughout the day.

Combine your favorite mod with your favorite tank, and you'll be on your way to that vaping perfection we talked about!


How Does an E-cigarette Mod Differ From a Starter-kit?


A starter-kit is usually a low-powered e-cigarette device. It doesn't make big clouds, but it can get you off the cigarettes. After a while, though, vapers tend to crave more flavor, more vapor, and a more intense vaping experience. Some might chain-vape all day long, and need a long-lasting battery to get them through the day.

That's where mods come into the picture. High-powered e-cigarette batteries with displays, temperature control, adjustable wattage, replaceable batteries - you name it - there's a box-mod for everyone!

A mod lets you customize your vaping experience by combining a battery with loads of functions with your favorite tank. Crank up the wattage and you'll be surrounded by delicious thick clouds of vapor. Or you can simply add a mouth-to-lung-tank, turn the wattage down, and puff on your favorite liquid without worrying about battery life.

We like to think of mods as a tool for vaping freedom. The freedom to choose your power, temperature, shape, size, and design. It's about making it your own.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Mod

E-cigarette mods are for vapers who wanna take things to a new level. With all the options out there you can customize your own e-cigarette to fit your needs.

If you're new to vaping and are looking for your first box mod, things can get a bit confusing. There is a lot of technical jargon out there like "mech mod," "personal vaporizer," RDA, RTA, etc. so we wanna make it easy for you to choose your first mod.

So here's our short Box Mod Newbie Guide to help you out!

We already covered what a box mod is and how it differs from your average starter-kit. Let's do a quick recap of the advantages of buying a box mod:

  • Longer battery life. Because mods are bigger they have room for more oomph. You can find mods with two, three, or even four batteries in them. Now that's some serious power, and can let you enjoy your vape for longer without worrying about the dreaded "low battery" warning.
  • Bigger clouds. You've probably seen the massive clouds some vapers will output at your local vape store. This is made possible by high-powered mods in combination with sub-ohm tanks. The trick is to get the temperature just right - and when you do, the flavor and amount of vapor can be massive and enjoyable. Today's sub-ohm mods can reach wattages of up to 350 watts - more than enough to impress (or annoy) your friends.
  • More control. Box mods lets you personalize the vaping experience thanks to a range of control mechanisms. Temperature control allows you to precisely adjust the temperature of your coil, and some mods even let you customize the power down to the tiniest detail by letting you adjust initial wattage settings etc. to get that ideal hit, every single time.

No Mods Are the Same

The uniqueness of mods and their functionality is what makes mods so great. There's a bunch of options out there when you're buying your first mod, and it's time to go over the different types of mods on the market today. Some of these will be perfect for beginners, while others should only be used by experienced vapers.

Regulated Box Mod

The regulated e-cigarette mods allow the vaper to control every aspect of their vaping, but more importantly, they have several safety mechanisms built in, making them a safer and easier alternative for beginners and seasoned vapers alike.

A circuit board inside the mod will secure the mod against short circuits, overheating, low ohm, and in some cases the dreaded dry hit.

This gives you peace of mind when vaping.

Main Features of Regulated Mods

  • Safety. The regulated mods are protected by internal regulations to make sure the device won't misfire, short-circuit, or worst of all: catch fire.
  • Precise controls. You can adjust the temperature and wattage with the simple press of a button, and on most regulated mods you'll see the settings clearly on an LCD display.

Unregulated/Mechanical mod (Mech Mod)

Some vapers love the feeling of that mechanical "click" when the button comes into contact with the battery and the coil lights up - making a massive cloud. Mech mods are a simple construction: a battery, atomizer, and usually a metal housing with a button underneath.

There's nothing to stop a mech mod from having a misfire, overheating, or short-circuit, except the user's knowledge and experience. Knowledge about Ohms Law and how the device works is a must when vaping mech mods.

Main Features of Mechanical Mods

  • Even bigger clouds. If you thought that wasn't possible, you should see some of the guys in vaping competitions around the world. The vapor production can be unbelievable on these devices and can be built or used with almost any type of battery, the only limit is how many batteries you can squeeze into the housing.

Now that we've gone through the types of vape / mech mods and kits out there, it's time to find your perfect mod.